Friday, February 7, 2020

Fun Organizer Boxes

When we bought this house our downstairs bathroom was an ugly sight to see.  A dark green tile  counter top with silver glitter grout and a sponge paint job that made the bathroom look dirty all the time (and didn't even match the counter top).  We repainted the bathroom and replaced the counter top but still needed to add a few fun touches.

I put together some artwork for the wall (for a future post) and put together this cute little display box for our bathroom reading materials, which includes several entertaining books like Reasons My Kid is Crying and Great Lies To Tell Small Kids.  The wording and size for these boxes can all be customized along with the colors and could also be great for kitchen window sills with cute little plants or cactus.  Add in a couple small cups and these also make great desk organizers!

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Reclaimed Reception Desk

This might be my favorite project to date! A friend of mine has worked in salons for a long time and she does amazing work. I started going to see her when my hair was in need of correction after a scary experience at a chain salon here in Reno. Luckily, she was able to fix everything and I've been a loyal customer now for several years. Anyway, this year she opened her own place and asked me to build her reception desk (also, check out Sanctuary Salon if you need an amazing salon experience in Reno! She didn't ask me to plug her business or anything but I'm serious, it's amazing)

The customer had requirements for the size and needed multiple counter heights. She also had some very cool 100 year old cedar barn wood salvaged from the local area that she was interested in using. Other than that she left the design pretty open and told me to go ahead and be creative with it. I built the desk surfaces similar to the desks I created for another local business (desk project) and the entire desk can be disassembled into 5 pieces (front, sides, and 2 desktops) for easier transport and moving. I kept the front design simple as the wood was so pretty to start with that I wanted it to still be the main focus.

The cedar itself I simply sealed but did not stain as the original color was already stunning. For the desktop stain I matched it to hues in the cedar to tie everything together.

Installing the reception desk in its new home was fun as it allowed me a sneak peak into how the salon was coming along. I am in love! The entire place has a reclaimed but very fresh feel about it and I'm so glad this new desk fit right in to welcome her clients into the space.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Custom Bookcase

A family member needed a new bookcase in the kitchen for all of her cookbooks and she wanted it to be the same height as her cabinets.

This tucked right on to the end and is waiting to be primed and painted.

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Creating Pantry Space

One thing that this house really needed was a pantry

Luckily we have a little under the stairs closet that opens to the kitchen. In the back of that closet is the access to get under our house so we added another door to the closet off the hallway to access that.

After the framing was completed the drywall went quickly

We added a new floor to the closet to replace the carpet and started attaching the shelf supports

Shelves and baseboards went in quickly. In order to not need a post on the inside of each corner we used sheathing clips to attach the shelves together

Our new pantry turned out great and it's super accessible.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Conference Room Desks and Console Tables

After we completed building 20 desks (here) the business needed to set up their conference room. These beautiful desks are 7.5 feet long so metal bars were embedded within the desk to help them keep their structural integrity. We also added electrical outlets to each surface for all of the inevitable laptops, etc that would be used in here.

I also designed two console tables for them. This one will hold all of the little electrical cables, remotes, and miscellaneous pieces that go with technology and conference rooms. The lower shelves slide side to side and can be moved to suit whatever is being stored.

This wider and deeper console table will be used for setting up coffee and food for business meetings and holding spare supplies. Like the other console table the lower shelves are adjustable (and removable) and can be rearranged to suit the storage needs. Now all this conference room needs is a little art and sound absorption.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

My Favorite Dumpster Dive

A construction dumpster near my office had these sitting on top and while I'm sure they were part of some shipping packaging I still thought that it was a huge shame to toss them.

With a few cup hooks and peg board hooks it turned into the perfect shelves for my teenager!

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Custom Built In Bookcases

In our last home I had installed a large built in bookcase. After moving to this home, as we tried to unpack, it quickly became apparent that it would need to be a high priority to create another so that we could find homes for all of our belongings.

With a base of 2x4s we can use prebuilt upper cabinets. The handles were swapped out to create a nicer look and I created this pretty counter top for a custom fit.

Building in the shelves took a couple of days and quite a few trips up and down the stairs to make sure that everything was the perfect fit

I was so excited to start unpacking everything that I got it under way before I even got to painting the walls or installing the base trim.

That created a home for most of my books but the kids' books still needed to have a home. This window alcove looked like the perfect kid nook for their bookcases.

With the window seat installed I started to build their bookcases on either side of the windows.

Two large bookcases with storage underneath will be perfect to complete their space.

All in all it took me most of a week to get this done but the end result is so pretty and all of our beautiful books have a home!